Feb 1, 2010

Shop Tiny Tot's-My Source of Unique Finds for my Kids

Just like most mommies I know, I also have my preferred "suki" shops when I go shopping online, in Multiply that is. Its because I am  a certified fan of websites that sells super cool parenting products that's why I would like to share this store that is always on my list whenever I think of shopping on line for my kids since I got my third child. Shop Tiny Tot's have plenty of unique and very affordable products best for mommies, babies and even for daddies out there!. Some stuff that I bought from Vic-Vic ( the Owner ) are their version of Shocks ( a shoe-like socks ) that is a real eye catcher.

And my recent purchase was this:
Tiny Tot's Eezy Lift Baby Carrier 
My Mom Loves The Eezy Lift Carrier Too!

The EEZY- LIFT BABY CARRIER is the easiest and the simplest baby carrier you will ever use!

FOR INFANTS: Just put it on like a sash, then put baby in the middle part of the pouch in a cradle position. The EEZY-LIFT can also be used as a breastfeeding cover too!! :)

FOR BABIES WHO CAN SIT UP: , open the fabric to accommodate baby's butt, make sure that he is sitting on the widest part, secure the fabric under his butt and around his back to make sure he is supported and you're done!! No fancy instructions.. no folding.. no adjusting needed. even the sizing is made simple!!

BEST used for infants and babies till three years old :)

The TINY TOTS EEZY-LIFT BABY CARRIER is REVERSIBLE, perfect for those days when you don't want your baby carrier to clash with your outfit :) Even busy moms still need to be hip and trendy! :)

The best thing was, I got this for only Php675 plus shipping fee, compared to other carriers that I saw from other stores in Multiply, her products are way cheaper! Plus you get a service de luxe from the owner herself, Ms. Marivic, who entertained me as soon as I inquire through SMS up to the time my order was already on my hand.

Check out her store and see for yourself what I have been rambling about:)

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