May 7, 2011

Island Cove in Cavite

As an extended birthday celebration of my SIL's daughter, my family and the rest of hubby's siblings tagged along with them at Island Cove in Cavite. The resort was less than an hour away from their home and they are already a regular guest of the place. It was my family's first time though that's why my kids were all eager to get inside the resort.
Island Cove's Lobby and Front Desk

Their lobby is wide and spacious with elegant sofas where guests can wait while checking in. We rented two Hotel De Luxe rooms for Php2,600 each only with my SIL's influence since she and her family is a regular customer. (Regular price was Php4,100 on weekdays and Php5,000 on weekends) They even joked that she was actually a shareholder of Island Cove that's why we had a huge discount. (hehe..) The room's capacity was actually up to 4-5 persons only but we were 10 in each room including the kids! Each Hotel DeLuxe Room has two queen size bed so I guess you are wondering how did we fit in? We put down the two top beds then arrange them in a row and voila, we had four beds! 
before (two queen size beds)

after (four beds in a row!)

A/C, Restroom and Bath Tub
Island Cove Amenities
Island Cove Amenities

If you are a hotel guest, you don't have to pay for an entrance fee to their resort and to the Oceania Water Park (one of their main attraction with inflatable slides and  all). Hubby paid for our room while SIL with the other so we got the complimentary breakfast for two. 

Top photo was the view from outside of our room. In front of our room is a big pool, a kiddie pool and a jacuzzi which we enjoyed only for few hours during the night since it needs to be vacated at 9pm or 10pm I think. We availed our complimentary breakfast around 9am and we were a bit dismayed because there were only few dish on their buffet table. There were only tinapa, corned beef, ham, fried rice, scrambled egg, fressh juice and fruits. My SIL called the person in charge in their canteen who happened to be close to her already and asked what happened to their breakfast menu. Immediately he apologized and ordered to cook additional meals for us. A beef dish was served for us only and another one to make up for that inconvenience. 

Bringing of foods are not allowed inside the resort but SIL brought their two big rice cookers, disposable plates and cups and cooked rice and sinigang na baboy (silly me but that was the first time I knew that you could cook sinigang using a rice cooker). They do checked our things for stuff that are off limits inside the resort but they did not thoroughly checked it since they were inside our cars. Although we had free entrance to their Oceania Park, we didn't bother to go there since our kids were contended to the mini pool and jacuzzi. We went home after lunch but SIL and her family were left since her daughter will be having her friends to come over and celebrate her birthday there. 

By the way, before we left our room, SIL said we should put back our beds in its original place and at least tidy the room first for it not to be obvious that it was occupied by more than 5 people. The staff counted how many towels were placed there and even counted the glasses used. Strict eh? 

Over all, it was a cheap and fun experience because of the huge discount we had not to mention the special services we availed because of my sister in law. Too bad we didn't got to see their Oceania Park and their other main attractions but perhaps some other time.


  1. Oh you should have gone to Oceana Park, I'm sure the kids will love it. It's far better than the pools outside the rooms. But nice to know you're kids enjoyed.

  2. This resort is garbage, run down old and over priced

  3. Just happened to read your blog due to i was looking for a review of said resort. Thanks forbur review it was very helpful and also tips are really great especially us, mothers...hehehe...tipid syempre



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