Apr 15, 2011

From Boring to Dashing

Don’t you hate going to hospitals? Personally speaking I do! Initially it gives me a bad feeling that something is wrong with me or my loved ones if confined in a hospital. Check ups are okay but still it bores me to be in that plain white establishment with serious looking doctors who seem to announce bad news anytime with regards to your health. Adding up to that dilemma are those people in nursing uniforms who would come in and out of hospital rooms asking questions to gather information on your health before the resident doctor comes in.

Somehow, I think people from the medical field sense this kind of predicament so they transform boring white nursing uniforms into custom made scrubs to lighten up and impose cheerful atmosphere inside hospitals and clinics. Now, bumping with nurses with their burnt orange scrubs does not give me the stiff and awkward feeling anymore especially for my kids. You can see from these nurses’ eyes too that they prefer these kinds of working outfit since they can move freely while assisting their patients and without sacrificing their own style when it comes to dressing up. Before you would rarely see nurses strolling inside malls after their duties but now you can see them flaunt their style even when they came out straight from work and without changing into  civilian clothes.

True enough, scrubs suits turn their lives from boring to dashing!

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