Jan 13, 2010

Baby Flo Breast Pump

Bought a new breast pump yesterday.. after seven months in use, Im finally giving my old one a rest:)

here it is..
Mother's milk is still the best milk for our baby. Aside from being highly nutrious, it gives our baby immunity from lot of diseases. But with the schedules most mothers have, like me, being a full time working mom, breasfeeding may be quite impossible. Good thing there is this kind of pump. It helped me a lot to store milk so my baby can still be fed even when Im not around.

It also relieves me from heaviness when my baby is not ready for feeding or while Im away, it makes me comfortable as it ensures the continuity of my lactation.

I am a member of some forums for women and moms and whenever the topic is about breastfeeding  I eagerly participate. My two kids were both breastfed and same goes with my youngest daughter who turned seven months yesterday. Seeing their posts about their preferred breast pump in the market made me think, I am lucky, because even though I only use this kind of pump I am able to express about 4oz to 5oz every session.

At least I don't have to go for expensive pumps be it manual or the electronic one. I am perfectly contented with this one, very useful most of all economical.

Its so easy to use, just clean it thoroughly with soap and water but don't sterilize. It will fit with any standard neck feeding bottle..It is also light and easy to carry, I practically bring it anywhere I go especially when my baby is not with me.

After all, its not the breast pump you use that is important but the amount of milk you got when you pump!:)

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  1. Wow, your kids are lucky! I was only able to breastfeed my baby for 4 months. Unfortunately, my milk just dried up. I was even pumping my milk at work. :(

    Lots of love,

  2. they are sis!and so am I!Imagine how much money that I need to shell out if I buy formula milk:)



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