Feb 1, 2010

A Site Your Kids Will Surely Love!

Have you ever been disturb by your little ones, especially those who are at the age of 1-5 years old whenever your in front of a laptop or PC? I am! =) Well, fortunately, I stumbled upon Oochy's Site  and now this has become my kids past time whenever I let them do their thing in front of our laptop. This is both an educational site and also a best way to keep the kids busy for a while, and in no time, they will be more than willing to leave you alone and let you do your stuff in front of the monitor.

There are different levels of games, depending on the child's age, and both child and parent will be entertained by the siblings ( I assumed they are brothers and sisters ), OOCHY and OOCHINA.

Go on and try it! Enjoy!

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