Apr 7, 2011

Club Manila East Reviewed for the 2nd Time

As promised to those who read my post about my family spending an overnight stay at Club Manila East , here is my review of the resort. It was actually our second time to be at Club Manila East in Taytay Rizal  and that was a year ago when we celebrated my daughter's third birthday. So my review will actually be based on our first and second experience to be in this resort.

1. Multi-cabs are now available at the main gate for guests who have no personal vehicles. Fare is Php8.00 per head. All vehicles are welcome to pass through except tricycle. Guard will let it through if all of its passengers will be inside the resort to make sure it is not a service vehicle. So how come taxi cabs are allowed and not tricycles? (Discrimination?!)
                                                  before                                          recently

2. Before, we transacted our business by the booth beside the main entrance of the resort. But last Saturday, we were redirected to their lobby and we checked-in there. We were actually clueless of that lobby because we didn't saw it last year. But in fairness, it was nice and comfy, with air-conditioned and big rattan-made sofas for their guests.

3. Before going to our room in Dona Luz Villa, we inflated my daughter's kiddie float. There's no one around to help and you have to inflate your stuff alone. That was actually fine but they could have at least provided working tools for it. Hubby took some time to finish because there was no handle with the thing he was using. 

4. When we got inside our room, I immediately noticed the difference with their kitchen. Before we had a glass table and nice chairs but now it was replaced by this cheap-looking mono-block table. Aside from that, few hours since we got in there, the air-con was still not that cool despite of placing it in the coolest settings.

                                                  recently                                          before

5. They lack of complimentary slippers and rags inside their hotel rooms considering we paid Php3,300 for their Dona Luz Villa room. We actually noticed that last year and just let it pass. But now, I couldn't help to blurt it out. We have no choice then but to use their provided towels as rags and placed it just outside their bathroom or else our kids will slip because of wet floor. Hubby just asked for another set of towels and comforters. Oh and speaking of bathroom, their bath tub was useless because it can't be filled because the cap was missing.  We didn't bothered to call their service then because our children were much interested in swimming in the pool anyway.

6. My kids wanted to try their kayak but hubby didn't allowed them for one big reason: they don't provide life vest! And I believe it should be a "must" that they provide one for every person who will ride in there. (check out their website and you can see from their gallery that life vests are nowhere to be seen).

7. We brought our laptop since we knew CME is a Wi-Fi Free Zone. But unfortunately, when I called in the reception to ask for their password and got it, I got connected but couldn't surf at all. From my laptop I can see the "Local Only" when I checked the internet connectivity. I called again if their Wi-Fi is working and the girl on the other line said that signal is only strong within their lobby and asked where am I. I said I'm at Dona Luza Villa and she said unfortunately some guests actually can't access the net from that range. So, why don't they do something about that since it was a complain long before by other guests??!

8. Where's the place's name? CME should be a pride of Taytay Rizal so where was it?
                                                before                                                 recently

Disclaimer: This post is not to degrade or give a bad reputation to Club Manila East. My family and I enjoyed our stay here and I think my opinion on everything I enumerated, if someone from CME could read it can actually help in improving their services more for the benefit of their guests and their business as well.


  1. Hi sis! Gian from GT here! I haven't been to this resort yet and actually planning to go for they boyfie's birthday but I guess I'll just change my plans! I think we'll just spend the day here and just go home. Haha! Thank you for your review! :)

  2. i was at CME Taytay with my husband two yrs ago, we stayed overnight too and i've got some issues too. our villa has a sort of a mini round pool which i requested to be filled with water. followed up twice but the pool never got filled. the pools in the resort close at a certain time and it was really a boring overnight stay for us.

  3. my issue here was that we were a victim of theft! our gadgets were stolen while we are out (for like 30mins) to check our companions as we arrive earlier than them. when we get back, our cabana was opened (this we checked and rechecked if it was locked with their key---we paid a key deposit php300 for this---)and the thieves took our cellphones and cash. in house security and follow up from personnel and management was weak and disorganized. we felt neglected and ignored. we saw several others there who were also victimized by theft (slippers, gadgets, company giveaways from a team building party that day etc) but no proper follow up from the people from the Admin...making you feel like its just another incident and this too shall pass. they did not even bother to take our details and info and instead redirected us to taytay police. such an unsafe place for a family or even a company outing.

    1. We had the same problem with Club Manila East. The owner and VP For Operations & Mktg ENGR REU FRED M DELLOTA is a cunning, treacherous and a pathetic liar!!!!The man cannot be called a man, he has no balls at all!!!!All of us he has ignored will vow his ruins. We shall wait for your downfall with smiling faces, REU!!!

      So many are waiting for your breakdown!!!AIM PRIDE or AIM Shame???? I bet you my life, it's the latter!!!!God can see it, too!!!

  4. NO TO CLUB MANILA EAST: RUN BY AN MBM 1991 ALUMNUS REU DELLOTA WE are disgusted with CLUB MANILA EAST!!! Going there is like going to the dogs!!! If your office or family is planning an excursion, don’t—repeat, don’t—include the Club Manila East, a resort hotel in Taytay, Rizal province, as your destination. Club Manila East has reportedly become notorious for rampant theft in the rooms of guests, but management seems not to care. Why will the tourists not avoid our country, eh mga kapwa Filipinos nga di pinapansin ng management???Ninanakawan ng kapwa Pinoy??? Matigas ang mukha ng Engr Reu Dellota na yan, nag-aral pa naman kung saan-saan Really, it is clear that you do not need to pursue your schooling in costly Colleges and Universities to be decent people! Mas desente pa nga yung mga ibang mediocre na Filipino keysa sa mga Dellotang yan (owners of Club Manila East)!!! The DEPT OF TOURISM should also take a look at this. This is not a simple issue of theft!!! PLEASE PASS

  5. The Management from the VP Engr Fred Reu M Dellota down to the staff is a bunch of shameful clowns!!!! Reu Dellota Alumnus!!!! For the first time, I lost my awe of the Asian Institute Of Management Alumni. We have AIM Alumni, a Cornell Alumna and a manifold of Univ of the Philippines alumni and alumnae in the familyI..But now, I am so ashamed to have such associations with a man you cant really call a man - Rey Dellota ..All the club manila east customers who have complained and you ignored will watch your ruins with smiling faces...Your name will never be forgotten though Reu Fred M Dellota stinks!!!!AIM alumni, we are daring you, check the alumnus beside you.. Eco bags, Golf Tournaments, Reunions...great ideas from a cunning, devious and false-hearted man---reu dellota indeed!!!!

  6. we were also there 2 yrs ago, we also heard report/complaint of theft the victims was in nearby cabana, good thing that it didnt happened to us because we make sure that either there is somebody who will watch for the things or we just didn't left valuable things in cabana.

  7. POOR SERVICE/ POOR MAINTENANCE!! I went to CME taytay on a labor day holiday may 1,2012 amidst warnings from 20++ bloggers i've researched fr the net, thinking maybe this place have reformed due to all the negative publicity they've been getting..when we arrived @ 8:30am..the place was already swarming with big crowds of people wanting to cool down fr the summer heat! what a big mistake of a decision that is..& to think their fees/ charges arent cheap! P375 for entrance, P1500 for the cabanas & after all the fiascos of rampant theft, all the owners did was to not issue keys to the cabanas/ huts..which means u have to bring someone who'll look after ur stuff while you enjoy yourselves in the pools..i also noticed the paints peeling off from the pools n floating with the swimmers who seemed not to care about the situation..the green algae from the waterfalls & some pool walls..when we saw our cabana..the 10 x 10 box looks like it wasnt cleaned in years..disgusting grime on toilet bowl, shower area, sink..the worst part me & my 10yr old daughter contracted the swimmer's itch due to their unsanitary place..for those who dont know abt it, this intense itching with red bumps is caused by a parasite & or bacteria that burrows through your skin again due to dirty pools...other issues include food running out from their outlets as early as 11:30am..then, having to wait more than an hour for lunch to be served from their only restaurant-evidently seeing their overtly obese cooks walking around on a snail pace..all these because they dont allow food or drinks of any kind to be brought in...

  8. thanks for the heads up...changed my plan now...I think I go to Splash Island, been there, slow but staff tried to help.

  9. Fortunately, when I brought my family there, we did not experience any untoward incident. In fairness, the water at the pools are crystal clear and well maintained, my nephews & nieces enjoyed the free kayaks. It is one of most joyful family outing we had in years.

  10. My family & I went here last June 2012. We've enjoyed the pools & the facilities there. I enjoyed also their kayaking & the big waves which you will feel that ur in a real ocean. My son enjoyed the fountain in the kiddie pool & tried to learn how to swim even in his younger age. Cool! I can say that It's a wonderful experience for us & also a precious moment that could not be replace.

  11. This post above me is by a CME employee. Copy paste it in google you will see the same post in other sites.



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