Mar 31, 2011

CD Giveaways

My two preschoolers went to different school this year. My eldest son went to a private preschool while my daughter who just turned four today was enrolled in a daycare center. Actually there was a story behind it and you can just read it here.

Anyway, since my son went to a private school, hubby and I expected that we are going to pay a hefty amount of graduation fee compared to her sister. We were right then, we paid Php1500 for my son's graduation fee and according to his teachers that amount should cover their toga, annual album, graduation portraits and a CD where the entire graduation ceremony is recorded along with their other school activities. Now, that is another gimmick for schools eh? 

CD giveaways are actually nice and much easy to view with others unlike photos. I remembered when I made a slideshow of my daughter's pictures from birth until she turned one. It was played during her 1st birthday celebration and most of our visitors asked how I did it. Maybe that's the main idea why CD Giveaways is becoming a trend nowadays, it's eye catching and interesting. Perhaps if I would think of making it as a business I would have to buy the best cd duplicator in the market for me to come up with high quality copies needed especially if intended for business use.

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