Mar 23, 2011

Two Things I Discovered in Hong Kong

It's summer once again here in the Philippines and I am sure there are lots of people out there who are planning to go out of town or out of the country with the upcoming long vacation this Lenten Season. Well, for those who are planning to give Hong Kong a visit, let me share you two things that I found out when me and my family went there last year.

One: All hostels and almost all hotels use this kind of socket. Some hostels provide adaptors like in Disney Hollywood Hotel but its For Sale at Marco Polo Hotel @HK80! You probably have this kind of universal  adaptor at home so it would be better if you would check first or you can buy them at any electronic store (I believe they are available at CD-R King too). It is advisable to bring your own because you might need it in charging your cellphone, digital camera batteries, laptops and other gadget instead of buying it in Hong Kong.

sockets in HK, adaptor, Internet Connection

Two: As I've noticed in Disney Hollywood Hotel, MP Hotel also don't have a free Wi-Fi so don't rely on your cellphone or other Wi-Fi capable gadgets alone if you want to stay connected online throughout your visit in Hong Kong. Why? Because to gain access to the Internet, you would have to connect your laptop to the adaptor and that is not free, mind you. At Marco Polo Hotel, their lowest charge for Internet connectivity starts at HK$70 per hour.

So there, I hope this post could help those people who have never been to Hong Kong yet and are planning to pay a visit one of these days. Happy Trip!

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