Mar 4, 2011

No Free Wi-Fi at Disney Hollywood Hotel Hong Kong

I always take advantage of free Wi-Fi zone whenever I get out of the house. Luckily, there are many hot spots now here in the Philippines where you can avail of free Internet surfing either through cellular phones, laptops, PSP and other high tech gizmos that are supported by Wi-Fi capability. Malls and other business establishments are generous enough to share this privilege to their customers.

Now that reminded me of the time when we went to Hong Kong last June 2010. I intended to bring my laptop then but hesitated at the last minute since I have my cellphone with Wi-Fi capability and I told myself it would be enough to keep in touch virtually since I knew for sure that there are lots of free Wi-Fi zones there.

And to my dismay, upon reaching our first hotel which was at Disney Hollywood Hotel, this is what I saw:
You would have to pay for Internet connection and it cost HK$120 for 24 hours and provided you have your own laptop with you. 

I was still lucky enough to update  and check my Facebook account when we ate at Hollywood & Dine and saw this:
Hollywood & Dine customers can enjoy FREE Internet browsing


  1. sis, just to let you know, i’ve tagged you in one of my posts because I like your site :-)

  2. ugh >.< i find it annoying when we have to pay for internet use in hotels x) not to mention big amounts! specially here in Norway :/ .. very few hotels have free internet access nowadays :p well well..



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