Mar 9, 2011

SMART Bro Contract Extension Program 2011

I received two calls from SmartBro representatives this week telling me that I am qualified to avail of their Plan Rebate Bundle if I will renew my contract to them for another two years. I have no time to talk to them at that moment so I said I would have to ask my husband first. And just now, I remembered their offer so I checked SmartBro's website.

Indeed, SmartBro is promoting their Contract Extension Program open for their customers who had completed  their Fixed Wireless Broadband Plan 999 subscription for two years and above with them.

All you have to do is to renew your SmartBro Fixed Wireless Broadband Plan 999 to get free cellphones, printer, etc. or a discount on your Monthly Service Fee!

As of now, I am contemplating on which one to choose. Would it be the HP F2840 printer or their Plan Rebate Bundle. Care to help me decide?


  1. Wow, very nice offer. I have to ask, though... how is your SmartBro connection? I'm using PLDT MyDSL and it's not working so well for me so I'm searching for a new ISP.

  2. @kim, I've been using it for more than 4 years and I had no complain since then except to a single incident. You can read it here:
    Other than that, I still give SmartBro a thumbs up:)

  3. @kimmy walang kwenta ang smart bro.. ang lalakas maningil.. sandali ka lang ma delay ng bayad eh lagi ka na walang connection.. kpag nakapag bayad kana eh wala ka paring connection.. mas madalas pa na walang connection kesa meron... its a total waste of money.. wag kana mag smart bro

  4. i actually want to end my contract right now for breach of contract and then switch to PLDT.



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