Jul 2, 2010

Have You Been In Here?

What comes to your mind when you pass by this hotel?

Well, maybe you're wondering why the heck am I blogging about this. To tell you the truth, I have been in here once! Yep! But not just me of course, with Hubby too!...  and my Mom, my brother, a family friend, my kids age two and three and our 3 month old baby.. lol!

It's because Sogo Hotel became our shelter for 3 days and 2 nights when typhoon Ondoy hit the Philippines last September 26, 2009. We were on our way to my daughter's baptismal and we got stuck inside our rented car somewhere in Cubao. We can't go back to our house in Cainta as my brothers kept on texting us that Cainta was already drastically flooded by that time. We can't stay inside the car because the flood was slowly creeping up inside so hubby told our driver to try his best to at least get us in a nearest hotel to stay. (I'll tell the whole story on my other blog).

Sometimes mistakenly thought by thin-minded people that this hotel is for couples who want to spend private time together and usually associated with a negative impression. But of course it is not. Sogo Hotel is a popular lodging chain, especially to travelers, with hotels found in several major thoroughfares and transport hubs around the country. On the way to, or right at your destination, there is bound to be a Hotel Sogo that offers top comfort, cleanliness, privacy, parking and security at affordable room rates! And I also believe, based on our experience, when they say that their well trained staff offer top-class service that you think could only be expected at pricey class AA hotels. So let me show you what's the view inside this hotel:
Hotel Sogo's Interior
Safety vault beside the restroom, a dresser with hair dryer, Mounted TV with Cable channels, Coffee table for Two and of course a Bed
Mirror on the Ceiling
Another mirror on the side wall

Hotel Sogo offers an unforgettable experience not just for couples but for families too or to any person who would like to have some time to relax in a hotel at an affordable price.


  1. Not that I'm narrow-minded, but they really offer "short time" stays in the hotel. The mirrors also suggest something. That mentioned, I should say that they weren't able to manage the reputation too well. Reality bites, but in the Philippines (maybe in Thailand too), that is how it is, unfortunately.

    Anyway, I don't really mind checking in to those places. That's what they are for actually.

    My friends and I (a long time ago) checked in a motel (4 girls, 1 guy) - boy! What was that about? Snooty people might think it's group s__. :D A few months ago, we were out of town and it was not safe for two drunk drivers to drive back to Manila, my husband and I decided to just check in a motel (I even saw a friend when we got out of the parking lot haha).

  2. Ah yes, the mirrors! Actually, when I asked my officemates before how a "motel" looks like inside, that's what they told me. And it is true indeed!lol!

  3. If I'm not mistaken, Sogo does not allow single occupancy. So if you're a businessman/trader/agent on an business trip to the city looking for an affordable place to stay, you are "forced" to look for a companion to accompany you just to take advantage of the affordable accommodations that Sogo offers.



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