Jun 18, 2010

Holy Cow Steak Ranch and American Grill

I remembered when husband and I spent Valentine’s Day this year with our kids and my mom. We went to Robinson’s Galleria to have lunch and let the kids enjoy at Tom’s World. On our way to the mall, heavy traffic greeted us. It was past eleven in the morning when we finally lifted off the bus. We immediately looked for a great place to eat because the kids were already complaining that they were hungry. It’s Valentines Day so most of the restaurant are jam-packed and it was already lunchtime. We looked around and saw this Holly Cow American Grill at the third floor of Robinson’s Galleria in San Juan. 
There were few people inside and since my husband was craving for steak the whole week, we decided to try it out. The place was nice, with its cowboy ambiance and the waiters were dressed in cowboy and cowgirl outfits. The kids enjoyed looking around since there were only few people eating that time. Upon sitting on our chairs, we could not place our orders if we have not called the waiter near our table. So upon giving us the menu, the waiter went off and the next thing we knew there was another one assisting us. She asked for our orders and since my eldest son loves barbecue, my husband asked if they have it. She said no, and instead offered their meals for kids. Their menu looked colorful and the food looked yummy. So we finally made our order and wait for them to be served. Minutes had passed and still there were no food on our table. My kids bluntly shouted that they were hungry and asked for their foods. If not with that, I think the waiters will not do something to speed up their service. So if you are starving, I really do not recommend this restaurant because of their turtle-like service. 
Looking at our food, husband got dismayed especially on the kids' meal. The rice was so cold and the chicken strips do not look very appealing. It looks so plain and pale with its boring gravy. Though the food that we ordered for ourselves and for my mom was okay, Holly Cow Grill did not satisfy us. 

Plus, their air conditioned room was not cool enough, our kids got all sweaty all through out our lunch. Lastly, when we looked for the bathroom we found out that it was just a small cubicle with a shared toilet bowl for men and women. Arrgh! So much for this restaurant! My rate, with 10 as my highest, I give them a flat 3.


  1. Holy Cow = Holy Shit. Been there once and ain't comin' back.

  2. I'm not going back to that place again. Too bad I didn't have a camera with me at that time so I wasn't able to post it in my blog, Sis. My beef strips were like rubber. I had a hard time slicing it into pieces more so chewing it. I literally choke on it. My hubby and my son loved their fish fillet in cornflakes though.

    The only consolation we got is a free tumbler from them in celebration for the upcoming Father's Day.



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