May 11, 2011

Hanleck Resort in Pansol Laguna: Reviewed

Probably rainy season is here but does outdoor swimming now blocked off from your list of having fun? If you are the type of person who loves to swim so as your family, friends and relatives, then I would suggest you go to Pansol Laguna where hot spring pools are plenty. Hot spring pools are perfect even on a rainy season!
Hanleck Resort in Pansol Laguna

Now, let me share you this place where we went in to last Holy Week. The resort's name is Hanleck Resort. Of all the resort we inquired into, this was where we settled for an overnight stay. It was peak season so we expected that prices of private pools were over-priced. Indeed, we rented the place for Php12,000 for an over night stay (probably it would be way too cheap when it is off-peak season). We arrived there at 11pm and we were told that we should pack our things by 2pm. Well anyway, we have no other choice but to accept that offer since we've been on the road for very long hours and our kids were all tired.

Meanwhile, back to Hanleck Resort. It is a two-storey building and a parking space for just one car. On the lower ground is the lobby and a big size hot spring pool (starting from 3ft then 4ft and 6ft) together with the shower and rest rooms. You will be fascinated to be inside the lobby since there are life-sized cartoon character displays! For sure your kids are going to love them too! It also has a videoke where you can sing your lungs out! You will also see the kitchen in there where you can cook with their provided LPG, grill and gas stove plus a refrigerator too. You wouldn't want to spoil all the fun by doing endless dish washing so I suggest you bring plastic tableware with you.
Hot Spring Resort with Life-sized Cartoon Character Displays

Upstairs are three bedrooms with a/c and each room can accommodate not more than 10 people. The rooms were all comfy especially with their cartoon-themed beddings. Outside the rooms is a billiard table and one toilet and bath room.

1st room with a/c and 4 single beds 

with Hello Kitty Beddings

2nd room with a/c and 3 single beds with Spongebob beddings

3rd room with a/c double-deck and single bed with Winnie the Pooh Beddings

Adults and children don't have the power anymore to dive in that night but not our teenager nephews and nieces. They enjoyed the hot water and didn't even bothered to sleep while some of them enjoyed singing all throughout the night. That's what they did because even though they brought their laptops, tablets and cellphones with Wi-fi they were no use because sad to say the place don't have Wi-Fi services.

My sister in law got the contact person's name and numbers so if ever you would want to have an inquiry, feel free to comment and I'll ask my SIL for you.


  1. how much po ang rent and can i call u?

  2. can you accomodate 40 to 45 person? and may i know how much is the price. and can i have also your contact number so it can be easy for us to call for a reservation. i need the reply as soon as possible. thank you.



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