Jan 25, 2011

From CD to DVD

Yes, I mentioned before why hubby and I prefer buying CD’s for our three kids instead of DVD. Actually there’s another reason behind that and that is because of our DVD player. Yep, it is an unknown brand which was made from China I think and we’ve been using it for more than five years now. See, branded or not, it can still last for long as long as you handle and use it properly. There are some isolated cases though wherein DVDs won’t play. I guess it has something to do with the DVD format. Oh well, I’m not familiar with those technicalities, bottom line is, we stick to CD’s instead.
From CD to DVD

But when hubby saw that there was a huge sale of Barney shows in DVD, he took the risk of buying three copies. Our kids, especially Cien, our youngest, exclaimed “wow!” when she saw her favorite character. We then tried to put one DVD inside our player and with our crossed finger.. it worked! Then we also tried the other two and they both worked fine.

The next day hubby checked if Odyssey still has their DVD sale and luckily it was still ongoing. He bought several copies for our kids and few for the kids who invited us for their birthday parties. Children’s DVD movies are perfect gift for babies and kids especially the Barney shows.

With this switch, I noticed the big difference of CD to DVD. Movies in DVD’s are clearer both in audio and visual aspects. It also has a longer play time; it contains two Barney shows in one disc unlike in CD where it contains only one. In terms of price, well, DVDs cost a little bit expensive compared to CDs but the quality is much better too.

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