Feb 26, 2011

CD Rack, Badly Needed

I always hate the scene above. Whenever I see these CD and DVD collections of my kids, scattered and unorganized, I blame hubby. I thought purchasing these products will end after we subscribed from Cignal almost a year ago, but I was wrong. Their collection just keep on increasing in numbers and I hate it whenever we look for the perfect CD/DVD rack and we can't find any that will suit hubby's taste.

As for these collections, I know it is imperative to have a CD/DVD rack to avoid the above scenario. Hubby and I were actually looking for the more common designs of cd rack which is the black wire rack. We both know that this is a more contemporary style and can accommodate anything from twenty CDs to over one hundred CDs. It can also be laid down horizontally on a surface or made to stand up vertically as a CD rack tower. We preferred this type as space is often at a premium particularly with our stereo in the living room along with our television and DVD player.

We always have less time in search for this kind of product so I decided to browse over the Internet since I am a frequent online shopper. I check out stores that sells CD racks and I found few interesting online shops that have the perfect rack on my mind that will best suit me and hubby's taste.

Hopefully I get to purchase one anytime this month.

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