Feb 10, 2011

Cinemaworks: Providing Wedding Videos and Editing

I remember seeing Oyo Sotto and Khristine Hermosa's Wedding in Youtube as well as the controversial Pre-nup video of Maggie Wilson and her husband to be. They were both perfectly made but of course with different concept and style. My brother actually is a part of a wedding videographer group and they are actually making their own name in their chosen industry. I couldn't believe that my brother and his peers can do such perfectly made wedding video presentations. They got clients from anywhere in the country and from abroad as well. Last year, if my memory served me right, they joined an event which could make them more known in the field of Videography. They had this simple promotional CD and gave them away to the event's guests. 
Promotional CD (it contains few of their previous wedding video crafts)

I know, they could have made a better looking promotional CD than this one. It was so simple.. see? The CD jacket was only made of sturdy paper, die cut and pasted together with a simple layout for its front and back.
Promotional CD in Stick-on Label

And then check out their CD label. It was just a stick-on label with no print at all. What if the CD jacket was lost and their supposed to be clients couldn't determine what's the content of the CD they are holding? This is a very bad promotional idea. But actually there was a reasonable explanation to this: they ran out of time to have their CD's duplicated and have a presentable CD label. With their hectic schedule, they noticed the invitation only few days before the exhibit. 

This year is more challenging for them. Why? It's only second month of 2011 but they have scheduled coverage already for the month of December. Now, their business is really in bloom huh!

Oh, you can check out their creations at Cinemaworks.

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