Aug 22, 2011

Papa John's Pizza Experience

Last Friday was our 6th wedding anniversary and to celebrate it, we headed to Sta. Lucia East in Cainta to try the American Pizza house hubby and I saw few weeks ago. It was almost lunch time when we got to Papa John's Pizza located at the Brick Road Sta. Lucia. It was a two-storey establishment and as far as hub and I remembered, it's people upstairs that made us remembered the place. The night we passed by their store, there are plenty of customers both at the 1st and 2nd floor so we thought perhaps the food are great.
Papa John's Pizza @Brickroad Sta. Lucia East Grandmall

We also thought that maybe the view from the top is okay so we asked the attendant for a table upstairs. But she said the a/c was not working properly at that moment so we just settled from the first table we saw downstairs. As we checked on their menus, the kids got dismayed when we were told that they don't offer rice alone. They do have rice meals but it was something they would not want to eat together with chicken. They have Beef and Bacon which is actually a garlic pepper rice baked with a combination of ground beef, onions, green peppers, bacon bits and topped with mozzarella cheese and bolognaise sauce. Another one on their rice meal is their Mushroom and Chicken which is a garlic pepper rice baked with a combination of grilled chicken, fresh tomatoes and mushrooms topped with mozzarella cheese and carbonara sauce.

Our kiddos are not accustomed to these kind of rice meals so hubby decided to just order a large ("14) Hawaiian  pizza and transferred to other food restaurant. Their Hawaiian Pizza was loaded with ham, sweet and juicy pineapple with an extra helping of Mozzarella cheese. We brought it home for our snacks. When we arrived, the kids wanted to eat their pizza the moment they changed their clothes. When we opened the take-out box, we were surprised to see it's appearance.
Papa John's "14 Hawaiian Pizza (Php530)

It looked dry and boring on the outside,  different from Shakey's, Pizza Hut and Yellow Cab that we usually eat. And instead of hot sauce or ketchup inside the box, there were two cups of yellow sauce on top of it. When I opened it at first I thought it was margarine. But when I poured a little amount of it on my sliced pizza, it tasted good then I knew that it was their famous Special Garlic Dipping Sauce. Oh and can you see those two green little thingy on the side, they were green banana peppers (nobody dared to eat it though).

From the first up to my last bite, all I could say was "this is yummy!" It was very different from the pizza that I ate before. It was all juicy and tasty on the inside very opposite on the way it appeared on the outside. Even hubby and the rest of the family who tasted it agreed to my verdict. We will definitely going to try this one out again. I just don't know if they offer delivery on our area since they just recently opened their branch at Brickroad. Nevertheless, hubby and I agreed that we will go back to their store (just the two of us) and try their other meals and pizza.

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