Sep 25, 2011

From Linoleum to Vinyl Tiles

I have been long complaining about our ugly flooring at home. We've been living in an apartment for years now and we have no choice but to stick to our landlady's rules and regulations so we have no choice but to use linoleum for our floor instead of our initial plan of having it tiled. Unfortunately, linoleum only lasts for less than a year in our home as it easily wears out especially if it gets caught in doors or when our furniture accidentally scrapes it during re-arrangements. 
Kent Glue @Php150+
Kent Vinyl Tiles @850+ (45pcs)

So hubby and I decided to try vinyl tiles. It was a little bit expensive compared to linoleum aside from the fact that we have to pay for the person who will glue it together on our floor. But at least it's much more durable and would last longer. Good thing hubby has a friend who offered his service for free and that saved our pockets! We choose these carpet-like design and it looked good after they were glued together.

With the fact that we can no longer peel this off once we decided to move out, hubby talked to our landlady and was able to convinced her to just deduct the amount we spent on making our floor tiled from our monthly rent. (After all, our landlady is also our second daughter's godmother, so what kumare's are for.) In return, I offered her my creative hands to do a digitally scrapped photos of their family like the one I did and framed which she saw hanging on our wall. Of course I asked her to just save their pictures on CD/DVD and I'll do the artwork for her. That sealed our agreement.

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