Dec 27, 2009

Perfume Addict!

Hubby kept on complaining few days ago that he don't have a new perfume for the Holidays. What??!! I told him.. new perfume? Again?? How about these:

His Perfumes Collection

As he said, being in the Marketing field he  makes it a point of using perfume every day. For him it is part of getting bathed, dressed and made up. Applying a perfume is his final act of making a signature statement for the day. However, I heard that when a person owns more than 10 he'll soon find that one is likely to go off from lack of more than occasional use.

You know what, the only consolation that I got whenever he purchase a new one for himself, some stores, like in Rustans, they include freebies be it  a shower gel, to go with the perfume, a pouch bag or a tester( haha, dunno if that's what you call that tiny bottle )

So, before Christmas, he really couldn't resist the one that the salesman offered him at Robinson's Metroeast..
Armani Code An additional to his collections..

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