Dec 28, 2009

Christmas Outfits

Hubby took the tasks of getting our kids' Christmas outfit for this year. Well, most of the time he's the one who chooses their clothes. Its because in our family, Im the "kuripot" while he's the brand conscious one. For him, the more it costs, the higher its quality. But as I opposed, I tell him that its not always the brand but on how you carry a product. As for me, I usually buy my clothes on line and it doesn't matter to me if its branded or not as long as I like it and It makes me comfortable wearing it.

Big & Small Co. Dress and Rompers for Cien
Barbie Dress for Erin
Polo RL for Ciren &
Mossimo Polo for Him

and for me?? I didn't took a picture of it because I only got it on-line..way too cheaper than theirs..=)

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