Dec 28, 2009

Disney on Ice

We’ve been to Araneta last Sunday to watch Disney on Ice. We had our tickets since December 01 and the kids got really excited upon seeing those passes. And finally, their long wait was over. We left our house around 1pm and took a cab to get to Araneta. Good thing there was no traffic yet since people were still on their vacation. Memorabillias were sprawled along the lobby that made the kids more excited and giddy to get inside. The usher led us to our seats at the Upper Box A, and just as we were taking our seats Ciren and Erin kept on babbling about the stage below, asking if it was made of ice, since they knew that the title of the show was Disney on Ice. Just a few minutes after,there was an announcement that the show was about to begin. The first character to appear was Pluto, Ciren mistaken him for Goofy. ( he sometimes get confused of these two characters, since they are both dogs LOL! ). Then came the real Goofy, followed by Donald Duck then Mickey and Minnie Mouse. I had no clear photo of them because whenever I tried to use the flash, the result was dim. So I recorded it in a video instead. But I dunno what's with my blog posting page, theres no icon for video attachments. Why oh why?!

Meanwhile, popcorn and other toys were being sold inside the theater, and these two expensive lighting toys were bought by their Dad. The Cinderella one costs Php700 while Mr. Incredibles costs Php650. Way too expensive for me!

Good thing Hubby was with us, if not, even though they cried to the top of their lungs, I wouldn’t buy them that expensive toys.LOL! The place was air-conditioned but it’s no use because as the seats were all taken, making the place hot, we can feel the sweat rolling over our body.

Other characters in the show were Stitch, he did some guitar playing while running around the stage. There goes, Paloo ( from Jungle Book ), the bear, who joined Goofy in beating those giant drums. There were also about a dozen? monkeys who danced with their booty.Lol! Buzz Lightyear did his stunts too, in a form of Ballet Dancing. Princesses Snow White and Cinderella were present so with Alice ( in Wonderland ) and her bunny and pigs? friends in giant coffee cups.

The plot of the story was, Mickey and her friends went in a jungle adventure then later on organized a parade. But, while Mickey, Goofy and Pluto went somewhere else, the Evil Queen Maleficent came just in time when Minnie, Donald and the rests of the casts were busy preparing for the parade. The Evil Queen told Minnie and Donald to touch the needle of the spinning wheel, that led them and the others to a long and un ending sleep.

Mickey and his friends seeked help from The Incredibles. The family’s participation in the show was I think the highlight ( in my opinion ). Each of them showed off their talent and capabilities as superheroes. Mr. Incredible’s sexy dance really got Ciren into an ending giggles. The youngest in their family, Jack-Jack was just a doll and not a real baby. Emma’s character also was with them ( Emma, in a black coat and big eye glasses was the one who makes clothes for superheroes, based on their power and character. )

In the end, the GOOD prevails and Minnie and Donald Duck who were in deep slumber, woke up after they were kissed by Mickey Mouse and Daisy Duck, since a TRUE LOVE’s KISS is the most powerful thing in the world. Then there came more dancing and singing.

We left Araneta even before the show officially close off, because Hubby don’t want to be squeezed in by others when all of them came out. Ciren posed at the souvenir stalls outside.

Erin fell asleep that’s why she didn’t got a picture. We went through Gateway Mall to reach the MRT Cubao Station.

We took the train going to Santolan. Ciren was excited to ride the train again, I think that was just his 4th time. Inside the train, we tried to wake up Erin, having second thoughts though, because she might just throw in her tantrums but no.. she smiled and peeped between the window to look at the view outside.

We took a cab again after that train ride then as we arrived, the two kids can’t helped themselves to tell their tito and mommy lola what they had just watched.

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