Dec 31, 2009

Bo's Coffee

I won Bo's Coffee Gift Certificate worth 1,000 at our company's christmas party almost 2 weeks ago. And it was just today that hub and I went out to consume it, just when its about a day to go before its validity expires. The nearest branch to our place is located at  LG-03 G/F Virra Mall Gardens Greenhills Shopping Center. So off we went there, we arrived around 11:00 am and customers were just lounging outside, smoking while chatting, funny though, because we didn't saw them eating or drinking coffee from the store, so hub and I thought, they were just by standers, then we both chuckled .We went inside without any idea about what products we can purchase with our GC ( except for coffee of course ),on their display area were just few pieces of pastries of about 5 kinds and two slices of chocolate cake.duh?! Hub asked the attendant if they have other stuffs aside from what we saw on their display, and she told us that those were the only available as of that time. Deliveries of new pastries and cakes will be tomorrow pa. Hayz..disappointed! We went there just for that GC ( well its worth 1k and you don't just see that amount just by doing nothing right?  sayang naman if mag expire lang). Hubby said, so how long have been those pastries and cakes were being displayed? Thinking if those pastries will do for at least until tomorrow during  Media Noche. We were both shocked when she said that  they were there for four days now.. eww! not fresh! The attendant might have seen the looks on our faces, that's why she said, if we want, we can go back tomorrow, same time, because they will have new deliveries of their foods and beverages by then. Anyhoo, hubby agreed that he will squeezed in his time tomorrow to drop by there again. Will post here after, if their products are worth of hubby's effort.

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