Dec 31, 2009

Swarovski Headband is IN!

 They’re such a doll aren't they? With those glittery & eye catching headbands. At first, I wondered what those headbands were made of. Then came this neighbor of ours, offering this shining, shimmering headband inspired from what these women were wearing but in a much cheaper price. ( heard those headbands worn by the artists cost about 30,000 ). She’s selling it for Php300 per set, a garterized headband, a bracelet and earrings. Not bad, as my officemate told me it usually costs Php200 for the headband alone.Neighbor also told me that they were made of real swarovski crystals, unlike those that you’ll see in the “tiangges”. And I think its true, because as I've noticed, everytime light touches the crystals, it bounces off, producing sparkles especially with sunlight. You can see it sparkled  when I took a photo of it using the camera flash.

 And here is a picture of me and Cien showing off the SHINING, SHIMMERING ( splendid? Hehe..just kidding ) headband... Wee! Hubby even told me I look like an “encantada” from Encantadia with it hahaha!

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