Dec 31, 2009

New ( blue?! ) Jeans

Hubby bought new pairs of Levi's Jeans for me and himself when we went to Greenhills. Wee! It was my first time to own an orginal Levi's Jeans because its expensive ( as I always say, I'm kuripot ). I settle for cheap but fashionable jeans but since hubby paid for it, I super love it!

my financer =)

And speaking of jeans, as I've checked the tags I saw this note:

Ever heard that you should not wash your jeans so that it will last long? Its true then. Let me re-post this instructions on how to take care of your jeans from eHOW:

  1. To retain the color of your jeans, try to mix vinegar and cold water when you rinse them. Then rinse them well after doing this. Most important on preserving the jeans to look good as new is to retain their color.
  2. For ordinary jeans, get them dirty on a natural wear. This will make your jeans fit better. Maybe about 5 wears before washing will do. The longer you wear them before washing, the better they will look good on you. Jeans will also be softer and easier to wear when you do this. Some of them are just over starched, it so hard for you to put them on.
  3. If you have stretch jeans, you have to do the opposite instruction on making them dirty before you wash. You have to wash them as often as after you wear them or maybe once a week. So they would go back to their original fit.
  4. When you wash the jeans use a liquid detergent. Powdered detergent will have the tendency to leave splotches or hard spots. And when washing them, turn your jeans inside out.
  5. When you dry the ordinary jeans, it's better to let them dry in the air. Hang them using the belt loops so to avoid creating folds. For stretch jeans, dry them using the drier this will let them recover to their original shape.

     Maybe I'll try these on our new jeans=)

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  1. I used to not wash my jeans 'til I've used it for at least 5 days. I felt that it really fit me better and looked better on me because the jeans is soft to the touch and moves the way I want to. I thought it was just me doing it so I wasn't telling anyone of that nasty habit. Now, this made me wanna tell the world Levi's actually recommends it. Hahaha.

    Thanks for sharing this! :)



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