Jan 6, 2010


Hubby teased me last Sunday night, that I was just excited to go to work because I have a new bag and yep! I am! LOL! Its like when I was in elementary, wherein after christmas, me and my brothers were eager to go to back to school because we had something new, like a new bag or new shoes, that we bought from the money we received during Christmas. My parents were like that when we were kids, they will count our “napamaskuhan”, then they will accompany us to the mall. We can buy what we want with our money then we will treat them.  I missed  those childhood memories.

Above was the bag  I bought at Greenhills, its just a Coach Replica Bag, ( you know there were lots of those kinds at Greenhills depends on what class ). Actually Im not after the brand, the only expensive bag that I had so far was from Sophie Martin and Celine, well, let me include my Secosana :)! For me, any bag will do,  it can cost from Php50 or a hundred bucks I won't mind, as long as it is a big, sturdy BAG! Being a Bag-O-holic, just like any other women out there, I like this bag because of its size. Im into BIG bags nowadays, because I have lots of stuff to bring with me whenever I go out, like I never leave without my umbrella, my breast pump together with a feeding bottle, a towel aside from my hanky, and my other “abubots” plus my big wallet.

Hubby told me, he don’t know what else is in there ( kung dala ko raw ba ang buong bahay sa loob nun hehe.. )

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