Mar 25, 2010

An Earthquake Occured Today March 25, 2010 at about 1:30pm

Yes, it's not just because you're dizzy or somebody was shaking your table or chair.. there was an EARTHQUAKE. We felt it here in Antipolo and hubby who is  in Quezon City, called up and told me that they felt it too in their office and some of the people from upstairs all went down in panic. It took for about 5-10 seconds I think.

My first impulse of course was to text my mom who at home with my kids to check how are they. An officemate of mine even thought that someone was just shaking her chair.

Let's all hope and pray that this won't happen again. Let's be calm and think of the best thing to do instead of panicking.

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  1. same here in marikina a little bit scared!




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