Mar 18, 2010

Save Up!

My 3 Kids' BDO Junior Savings Account Passbooks

Do you save up for your kids? My hubby and I do! I opened up bank accounts for my kids’ right after their baptismal day. Filipinos are very generous in giving gifts whenever there are special occasions be it birthdays, Christmas or Baptismal/Christening. I have seen invitations wherein parents actually indicated in the invites that they prefer cash rather than tangible gifts for their babies. Some says it’s because they already got plenty of stuff for their baby or they just want it to be added up for the baby’s savings.

In my case, there is no such thing on my kids’ invitations. It just so happen that most of their godfathers and godmothers are busy people that they don’t have time to buy gifts. So, with all those “pakimkim” that each of my kids got, all went straight to their bank account. We add funds for them and when its Christmas or their birthdays, and they got monetary gifts, we go to the bank with them and show that their money are deposited in their own bank account. It’s good to teach kids as early as today to value money and save up for their future.

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  1. This is a great idea. Maybe I'll do the same when we have our bundle of joy na :)



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