Mar 18, 2010

This Is What Keeps Me Awake

Marty's Veggie Chicharon from Oishi

For those fellow bloggers out there who stay up late either because you're filling in your blogs or your doing some on line gigs like me, you could try this not-so-junk-food that I recently discovered through my officemates to keep you awake. Since hubby don't allow junk foods in our house because the kids might see it ( they are not allowed to eat those kind or else hub will scold me! ), I settle for grapes or any fruit that I can munch while I work at home. But then, I tasted this one and so glad that it is a healthy junk food! made with dehydrated green peas and other vegetables stuff, my kids may be allowed to eat this.Isn't it great! It has two flavors, plain and salt and vinegar. ( I prefer the latter one :)..
Go on and  check this out in grocery stores and be addicted to it like me. Yummy and healthy!

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