Jul 15, 2010

2nd Time Around

You can read here why and how we ended up checking in Hotel Sogo again.

For Hotel Sogo near Sta. Lucia Branch (the nearest hotel from our place), with 10 as my highest, I rate it with a big 5. Just enough to passed, after all we just went there to have a good night sleep in an air-conditioned room and for the kids to be able to watch TV. Their room were just fine (I didn't took pictures of it because its just the same with the one we checked in before) but the restroom, eww! They do have a bath tub unlike in their other branch but for crying out loud, it was busted. The water won't flow easily and so with the sink. 
 busted bath tub
busted sink with a leftover roll of tissue paper

On the other hand, we felt comfortable last night and we all fell asleep safe and sound. We woke up at 6am this morning and prepared for our check out. By the way, for 12 hours we paid Php1,050 and I enjoyed their free Wi-fi before I went to bed (spent a little time to check my mails and FB). I called the receptionist downstairs through phone to ask for their password, and guess what their password is..socleansogood, their tag line, a very obvious one lol! (so if you happen to be near one of their branches, try if they got the same password and surf your wi-fi phone to the max!)

With regards to our rants, we just sent an SMS to call the management's attention:
For comments and suggestions, Hotel Sogo has a Hotline (SMS only)

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