Jul 8, 2010

Hong Kong Disneyland Park Ticket

Disneyland Park Ticket (front view)
Disneyland Park Ticket (back view)

We bought our tickets at the Guest Service Desk of Disney Hollywood Hotel in Hong Kong as we checked-in on the same day. Our travel agent asked how many children were with us so we told him we had three kids with us aged 4, 3 and 1 year old. He said that 2 years old below were free of charge so he advised us that if we want, we could tell the Desk officer that my kids' age were 4, 2 and 1 year old. Hubby and I were hesitant at first, what if they asked for our kids' passport and checked on their real age?We don't want to be in a compromising situation of course. But he assured us that no, they won't asked for it (100% sure he said).

Okay, in the long run, we did followed his advise. A bit nervous, we went to the Front Desk, checked in and bought 3 tickets for 3 adults and another ticket for my son. The officer asked how many children will be going with us to the park, so hubby said, three. He asked for their age and hub casually answered 3, 2 and 1 year old. And that's it! No more questions asked. He gave us four tickets. By the way, tickets for adults cost HK$350 and HK$250 for children at Disney Hollywood Hotel.(as far as I know there are available discounted Disney Tickets in some of the hotels around HK). When I asked if we can even get a discount for all the tickets we purchased, the attendant said there's no discount anymore because tickets bought in their hotel were  already valid for 2 days. Meaning after we tour the park on that day, we can still go back the following day and spend another day inside Disneyland. We didn't know that actually. (Too bad we can't go back the following day as we're already booked to another hotel after Disney Hollywood Hotel).

When we went to Disneyland after lunch time, we showed our tickets upon entering the park, and when the park attendant saw our tickets, she asked for our thumbs to be scanned and gave back our tickets. The purpose of it was, since our tickets were valid for two days, our tickets were non-transferable. So, if there will be other people who will use our tickets, they can't come in unless their finger prints match what's on their records. (smart huh!)

Now since, we did not use our tickets on the second day, I just had these tickets with me as mementos of our Disneyland Hong Kong Trip.


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