Aug 3, 2010

Wall Update

I'm procrastinating again! Oh well, it is still a Monday night and I'm usually not in the zone during these days. So instead of doing my online gig, I wandered around the net in search of great and fascinating tips in home decoration especially for those with little spaces (like what we have now). No, we're not yet moving in to a new house (it's in our plan but not yet for now). Anyhoo, we still have to stay in our apartment for a long time and I want to make it different from its usual and boring look.  And as I lurked in my Multiply account I stumbled upon this wall sticker product that made me say "wow, I have to order lots of these!" I think this is the answer to my prayers tee hee! Well, check them out and drool (like I did!)lol!
Photo Source: Nu Dekor Wall Stickers

There are plenty of designs you can choose from Nu Dekor Wall Stickers so go ahead and check 'em out!

Price Range:
Wall Stickers: P500 to P1,100 (prices vary by design)
Wall Sticker Clock: P1,250 to P1,500
Nu Dekor Wall Stickers Packaging
The Actual Product

It's been a long time since I last shopped at Multiply and just by seeing this product made me decide to go back to online shopping again.

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