Sep 11, 2010

What You Wear Is What You Are

Custom t-shirts are now becoming the latest trend nowadays. People find it easier to express themselves by the clothes they wear. Statement tees are one great example of custom shirts today. You will see men and women wearing this kind of clothing stating how they feel or their own personal opinions and characters. Nevertheless, business establishments also use custom t-shirts as their advertising tool. They have their logo or brand name imprinted on their employees shirt or even give them as give away to their customers. Suppliers of these custom t-shirts are also into making funny posters and other memorabilia as their line of business venture.

Speaking of funny, I had stumbled upon Funny or Die and I was definitely entertained and almost “die” of laughing. The site contains personal and celebrity videos with some news and trivia on the side. Truly the Internet has a lot to offer like sites wherein you can forget even for a while some of your worries and just find time to relax and unwind watching funny stuff. Be sure to check out the site and see for yourself why it was named Funny or Die.

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