Nov 30, 2010

My Recent Fab Find: Eco-friendly Tableware

Do you also have these kind of stuff inside your cupboards? My husband loves to buy big and heavy ceramic plates like these and I am the one who gets annoyed every time we use them on special occasions (aggh! the pain of washing them makes me sick!) I don't know about him but he really fancy these kind of plates. The last time he bought another dinnerware was about six months ago and I really have to drag him away from dinnerware section of any department store when we go shopping these past few weeks.

Actually, we just use these plates when we have guests to accommodate in our house. Sometimes they come in numbers (distant relatives from province or balikbayans) and that leaves me no choice but to pull out all those heavy and huge plates.

As an avid shopper online, I tried browsing for plates that are not made of heavy ceramics or fragile glass plates but are equally classy and sophisticated as them.  I found out that there are lots of manufacturers of eco-friendly plates who offer their products both on line and in the market. Eco-friendly plates, meaning they are made out of safe raw materials such as pulp, reeds or sugar canes. Now isn't that interesting? 

There are also disposable cutleries and tableware that are made of biodegradable resources that will not add up to our land fills when thrown away after use. They are way too different from plastics and other kinds that are made of harmful materials and will definitely harm our environment.

I guess I will have to show my husband this interesting finds I saw on the net. I might persuade him to try these products from now on because of the number of benefits we could get from using eco-friendly products. 

Have you seen eco-friendly plates somewhere in the market? Care to share where can I buy them because if our local department stores don't have them, I might as well buy on line before hubby buys another annoying tableware again.:)

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