Jan 15, 2011

Wardrobe Alert!

I have always been a home-body type of person. Parties and social gatherings are really not my cup of tea. However, working in a corporate world and having a husband who is into marketing and sales field, sometimes I have no choice but to attend some formal events. Whenever I knew that there is an upcoming formal celebration at the office or when hubby advised me ahead of time that he would want me to accompany him in one of his client’s formal party, I swear I dreaded that date to come.

The main problem that would initially pop inside my head is the required outfit. If somebody would peek inside my closet, all she could find inside are jeans, shirts and a couple of informal dresses which I seldom use. I know I should have at least invest in some formal get up like the *new*bcbg pumice silk sequin tunic top xs that I saw when I did some window shopping online. Those sequins will truly make any woman shine, literally, in an evening event. Maybe I should look for that item again and reward myself with that outfit. It will surely match my new stilettos I bought last Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas, I saw my friend’s Christmas outfit last season and her 1 madison tab waist peacoat really caught my attention. Of course, I know how cold it is in Germany until now, and I salute her for being that fashionable she became unlike when we were younger. Her jackets and coats really look good on her aside from the fact that it hides all her belly fats she got after giving birth to her two kids.

Oh well, I guess for this New Year, I should do some random scanning of my closet and see if I could add important wardrobe in it.

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