Jan 14, 2011

Unique Gift Suggestion for your Old Folks

With the advanced technology which we have today, listening to old radio program may seem very outdated. However, if you would ask your old folks what they loved about this kind of entertainment, they will definitely say that it was one great experience to listen to high quality dramas and other shows played in the radio during their times. What were played on old time radio program before was created by keen and scrutinized production crews, outstanding actors and actresses and of course well-known writers and story tellers. It’s not just a one-man show but a whole cast production, no wonder top calibre programs were usually heard over the radio in the past. On the other hand, to fully appreciate this kind of leisure, one should have an imaginative mind along with his keen listening ability. So if you are thinking of a unique gift for your grandma or grandpa, perhaps you can search for old time radio program and listen to it along with them.

1 comment:

  1. My father is not fond of listening radio dramas, instead he always listened to old songs from Bee Gees, Queen and even instrumental music. ^_^



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