Jan 14, 2011

Oldies But Goodies Kind of Diversion

Ever heard of an old time radio program? I know it’s very weird and uncanny for some people to still long for this kind of entertainment especially from the young generations today but of course, not from our old folks. Traditionally, people were very fond of listening to different kinds of old time radio shows while doing their work or even house chores. Drama and love stories were often patronized by women while actions, sci-fi and adventures were sure hits to men. Personally speaking, I think if this kind of entertainment will come back at this modern time, people will still find this fascinating. Just imagine how you can do more tasks while your heart beats fast as you listen to a horror or mystery kind of old time radio program being played. Now that is much beneficial than sitting in front of the television where you could miss one important scene in just a blink. 

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