Jan 13, 2011

Chit Chat with a Friend and Thoughts About Nursing

I've got to chat with my long time college friend who now lives in Germany. We usually talked about anything under the sun since she is a stay at home mom. We talked about her youngest sister who is about to enter college. Her husband will sponsor her studies and I asked her what course will she take. She said her sister doesn't know yet but if she is to be asked, she wants her to take up Nursing.

My friend believes that there is a huge opportunity for her sister to go abroad if indeed she will take up Nursing. She said she can even imagine her sister wearing surgical scrubs uniforms just like what nurses wear in hospitals. However, I told her that though Nursing is a very promising course to pursue, lots of Nursing graduates here remained jobless. But of course, her sister's fate would depend on how eager she will be to succeed and eventually practice her finished course.

Her sister has an edge actually because she seems to be smart and witty and has a goal in life at her young age. Since my friend's husband works with some hospitals in Germany, being an Orthodontist, he guaranteed her that he will help her sister to go to Germany and practice Nursing there. Although it will take years before that to happen, my friend already asked me on where to buy uniforms for her sister. Now, that is an exaggeration I said, but she just laughed too.

I asked if she had been into her husband's work place and she said just a couple times. She finds it boring and not her cup of tea and she even hated it when one time, she was waiting for her husband outside his office within the hospital and  a man approached her and asked why she is not in her white nursing scrub tops. She was caught off guarded, knowing that she was mistaken by the man as one of the hospital staff.

Well, it's just one of her many experiences living in a foreign land and she was glad to have friends she can share it with.

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