Jan 10, 2011

I'm Gonna Try Blairex Saline Solution

Happy New Year everyone! How's your resolutions going on so far? Well, for me, I'm keeping it up little by little but my main goal to earn more online is what's actually keeping me busy. I extended my hours in working online to be able to meet deadlines from my various clients. Unfortunately, I've been having headaches since December last year and I guess staying in front of my laptop is the culprit. My mom told me I should have my eyes checked caused I may be advised to use eyeglasses.

But being four-eyed is not appealing to me because I don't look good with that. Some of my officemates have been using contact lenses and I asked them how does it feel to use one. They say I might feel uncomfortable at first especially when the eyes get dry because it can be terribly itchy. However, they say that it's not actually a problem because some contact lenses comes with a sterile saline solution for eyes. This will help in preventing the eyes from drying and for easing the pain of using contact lenses especially for first timers. Some contact lenses can last up to three months hence, the saline solution may ran out halfway before that three-month duration. My friends use Blairex Saline solution and so they also recommended it to me.Good thing this product is available online and I can easily buy one for myself if ever I'm going to need it.

My bad, I didn't noticed the time and now I almost forgot to check on 1-800-Contacts. Have to do some reviews about this as part of my tasks for this week. So, I guess I would have to say goodbye for now. See you in my next post. Ciao!


  1. We're on the same plane sis! I'm also curious about wearing contact lens but for now I will use my eyeglass as I find it very comfortable on me. I'm look like a teacher..hihihi...

    I stop from my work for a while to get some rest. I'm still a little bit dizzied. Take care of your health. Thanks for following.

  2. no problem sis:D at least your comfortable with eyeglasses. Will post update if ever I finally decided to go for contact lenses:)



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