May 30, 2011

Steps on How You Can Salvage your Photos on Friendster

As I did a post on How to Avoid Distraction from Facebook on my other blog, I remembered my Friendster Account! I bet your heard/read that Friendster is either closing or upgrading. Neither of the two, I bet what matters to you most about this rumors are your pictures! So here's a tutorial on how you can salvage them:

1. Log in to your Friendster Account.

2. At the upper right corner of your profile, look for the tab Fun, scroll it down then click Apps.

3. Look for the Friendster Exporter Widget and click Add to Profile. Friendster Exporter Apps will let you download and export your full profile, photos and blogs making it easy to move and save all your precious Friendster memories.

4. If you want to download your full Friendster Profile to your computer, you can download it as a zip file. You can view your profile data by opening 'index.html' once the file is downloaded. This includes the following: basic info (name, date of birth, gender, and 'About Me' info), photos, list of your friends or fans (for Fan Profiles), list of pages that you are 'a fan of', comments and testimonials, messages in your Inbox, shoutout history and comments to your shout outs,virtual gifts, treasure chest and list of groups you are a member of. There are two options:

a. Faster Download (Recommended) - Photos not included but you can still export them using the photo exporter

b. Slower Download - Photos included

5. You can also export all your photos directly to other online photo hosting/sharing sites. Here's how:

a. Select which site you’d want to export your photos to (Multiply or Flickr)

b. Select the photo album/s you’d want to export - All albums, whether public or private, can be exported.

c. Authorize the export - You’ll be asked to login to the site that you chose, so make sure that you’re ready for this.

6. If you have blogs on Friendster, you can download a zipped .xml copy of your blogs which you can export directly to other popular blog sites such as Blogger and Wordpress.

My photos are now saved on my Multiply account as well as those photos that I exported from hubby and our two children's Friendster Account. I didn't bothered to save our profile because what's important to me are those pictures. Now it also means I would have to visit any nearest CD-R King one of these days because they cater blank media such as CDs and DVDs at affordable prices and high quality too and I am sure I'll be needing a lot of those.

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