Jun 1, 2011

BVLGARI and Calvin Klein Perfume

It was hubby's birthday last month and he had been long complaining that he haven't got any gift for himself yet. That's why I couldn't argue with him anymore when he bought these two perfumes a while ago when we had our dinner date at Robinsons Metro East.

BVLGARI Aqua Pour Homme and Euphoria Men from Calvin Klein

He already saw the BVLGARI perfume when he went to Duty Free weeks ago before his birthday. He couldn't decide yet whether to buy it or not during that time but he really liked its scent. So when he saw it today at Robinson, he pleaded to me to please allow him to buy it. I said, if you got the budget for it then go. He got it on its regular price of Php 5,150 with a free clutch bag and a shower gel but we still asked for additional freebies. The sales rep offered another perfume which was on sale at 20% off of its regular price of Php4,298. Hubby liked the scent of Euphoria for Men by CK so he got it too. As additional freebies, he got another 10% off so the price was slashed off by 30%, two Omnia Amethyste perfume sampler, two BVLGARI Bath Towel (from Italy according to the sales rep) and another lady's bag to follow (sales rep got hubby's number to inform him when the bag will be available).

with freebies

Smelling good is no trend. What better way to emphasize those pheromones than by splashing on a designer scent? Bulgari’s AQUA Pour Homme is a refreshing marine fragrance that’s subtle enough for any man to wear -- both during the day and at night. Since AQUA’s mandarin, posidonia and mineral amber undertones provide a light, fresh, clean scent, you won’t have a lack of places to wear it to. Subtle enough for the office and masculine enough for your night on the town, AQUA will instantly become the finishing touch to every outfit. Great-smelling cologne that doesn’t leave behind a strong, overbearing trail is hard to find. For this reason, you’ll definitely love the subtlety of this fragrance and make splashing it on a part of your daily routine. By using posidionia -- a plant only found in the depths of the ocean -- Bulgari has developed a signature marine scent that makes this eau de toilette distinctive. Beware: Its fresh yet masculine scent has been known to cause quite a stir with the ladies.

Unlike most traditional perfumes that are usually over-powering and tend to irritate the person beside you, Euphoria for Men has the right combination of non-offensive fragrances. Euphoria Men by Calvin Klein is a perfume known for its irresistible and sensual fragrance that is not overpowering but lasting at the same time. This is wearable at any time of the day and at any occasion. Experience wise, however, it is highly recommended for evening wear. Its lasting smell, which is built to stay on for around 6-10 hours, makes it a practical buy, since you don’t have to spray it on several times in a day. Also, the scent is musky rather than fruity or citrus and gives off a cool and refreshing feel.

As always, only freebies goes to the wifey and I am okay with that, I'm not into perfumes anyway. The CK Eternity he bought for me is still half empty considering that he bought it last June 2010 (would you believe that?lol!) I rather ask him to buy me a new 16gb flash drive to lessen my load of doing several cd burning just to back up all of my files in my laptop. (Lappy usually hang up whenever he plays poker and he blamed it to my hundreds thousands of photos and files.)

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  1. Its gonna be a great gift also for my hubby thanks for the idea. Keep sharing!

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