Jun 3, 2011

Shopping at SM Department Store

The nearest SM branch from our home is at Taytay Rizal and given the fact that we often go here, I availed of their SM Advantage Card a year ago. When I went there two weeks ago to buy hubby a gift for his birthday, the cashier at Surplus store was courteous enough to asked me if I wanted to check how many points do I already have. I obliged and found out that I already have 300+ points. She asked me if I wanted to claim those points but without asking of what I could get, I refused. We will be shopping for our children's school stuff the following week and it could add up an additional points.

Yesterday, we went back to SM and bought school bags and shoes for our preschoolers. School bags at SM are cheaper than those of what we saw at Robinson's Metro East so we even bought one for our little Cien.
School Bags
For their shoes, hubby preferred to buy those that are made by Florsheim. It's a little expensive but the materials used were durable and in fact, their shoes last year are still in good condition. The only problem why we have to buy them new shoes is because our kids have outgrown it.
Florsheim Shoes for Kids

We were about to have our lunch when our kids saw these cute tumblers and even I couldn't resist to ask hubby to buy it for them.
Cute Cartoon Character Tumblers

One thing I've noticed after we shopped was the new SM plastic bag's appearance. Instead of blue sando bag, our stuff were placed in thin, glossy and white plastic bags. I don't know what's with the change but I do hope these bags are now made of eco friendly materials just like what most shopping malls and grocery stores in abroad use. If so, then SM could be one of the most influential shopping mall to promote packaging green.
SM's new plastic bag appearance


  1. wow! ready na for school! i miss that feeling. when school's about to start and everything's new. shoes, bags and books. :) if you don't mind, how much did you get the ben1o bag? my inaanak will be going to school na and he's asking me for a ben10 bag. =) TIA

  2. Batangas City implemented a No Plastic, No Styro campaign beginning last June 1, but SM City Batangas still uses those regular blue or yellow plastic bags. Hmmm...

  3. Wow! I still remember the nice feeling when I shop for school when school days are coming up.

    I hope their shopping bags are more eco friendly too :)

  4. Nakita ko nga ang new SM bags. White na sya! Mas malinis tingnan. Wow ha.. daming pinabili nyo sis. Pasukan na pala noh?

  5. I missed my school days especially the times when we should go to the mall for buying a school supplies. I remember my nephews on the photos of school bags here I could say that the kids are always wants their things as a cartoon characters and it looks good.



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