Jun 15, 2011

Pancake House and Freebies from Citibank

We celebrated my daughter's 2nd birthday at Robinson's Galleria last Sunday (June 12). At first, we planned to go back to Cajun since we were pleased by their food when we tried dining there before. But as hubby asked for our table, we all smelled something unpleasant so we walked away and looked for another place to eat. We landed at Pancake House.

We saw a number of families dining in during that time, two or three of them were Chinese and so we joked about our daughter on how she looked like a Chinese too. As we sat on our table, the waiter handed our kids their Kiddie Menu, a 5x5 square hardbound menu with a pop-up pictures of their meals. It was actually a hit to my kids as they enjoyed looking at them and made them stay on their seats. Adult's menu on the other hand is a long menu with glossy pages too.

My daughter ordered a breakfast meal because she loves egg. So she ordered a ham and egg with rice and a long with that meal was a glass of Minute Maid Orange Juice. My son ordered of course, a chicken meal and that goes with a glass of drink too.
Pancake House Kiddie Meals with Free Minute Maid Orange Juice

And here's what we ordered:
Pancake House Adult Meals

My mom ordered a fish fillet with sweet and sour sauce while I ordered Pork Viene. Pardon me but I forgot the name of hubby's order but I knew it was beef and it comes with a free Ice Tea. The food were delicious and we all got full. Even my kids finished their meals that time. Me, my mom and the kids went to the rest room while hubby waited for our chit. We came back but hubby was still inside the Pancake House. We could see him from the glass partition so we just waited for him outside while the kids played around.

When he went out, he had with him a box of Pancake House's Blueberry Pancake and we thought he bought it for our dessert when we get home. Hubby handed it to me along with the disposable utensils that came along  with it. But no, he said he didn't bought because it was a freebie from Citibank. There was a promo that for every Php1000 food purchase at Pancake House, you get a free pancakes. Now isn't that wonderful? That's actually hubby's reason why he can't let go of his Citi Bank credit card while he disposed off his other cards. Citibank offers lots of promos and freebies that cardholders could truly enjoy.
Free Pancake from Pancake House Courtesy of Citibank


  1. Cool! Free dessert because of Citibank! I was never really interested in getting a Citibank credit card even though a couple of friends of mine used to work at that company. I was just being too safe and stayed away from credit cards to avoid temptations to impulse shop, etc. But I can see it's a good company for giving little gifts like that to its patrons.



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