Jun 27, 2011

Advance Media Online: Top Provider of Media Solutions

It is fascinating to know that the era of CDs and DVDs have come from simple means of data storage to movies, music, business presentations and others that any individual can think of. They even serve as souvenirs and promotional tools in most businesses today.

No wonder the competition is getting tough as most companies find various ways to take advantage of these outstanding products. In lieu with this, Advance Media Online got the edge with their affordable pricing for both of their products and services.

Advance Media Online has serviced ministries, businesses, schools and individuals with a wide variety of professional products including blank media, packaging, audio, pro tape, CD/DVD equipment, duplication services and on-disc printing. With their outstanding performance and the most affordable price among their competitors, their customers keep on coming back to avail of their services and even introduce them to most of their friends.
What’s more interesting when you visit Advance Media Online’s website is their Online Disc Printing System. Their Do It Yourself Online Disc Printing will give you the same high quality digital waterproof and smear proof digital print as if you are there personally. And since it’s a DIY, you have the authority to upload your own artwork or if you are not in the mood to create one, feel free to choose from their library of royal free images. Visit Advance Media Online and try it for yourself! Don’t forget to visit and LIKE their official Advance Media Online Facebook Page to receive daily updates of what’s up with them like their Monthly Special Deals and other freebies. For short and timely tweets, visit their Twitter account too!

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