Jul 12, 2011

Inasal Chicken Bacolod: Reviewed

Inasal Chicken Bacolod located at Lower Ground Floor
of SM Taytay

I'm not sure if this was the third or fourth time that we dined here. Nevertheless, it's obvious that we liked it here because we come back once in a while. It's just now that I finally got the chance to tell you about our dining experience here.

It was a Sunday afternoon and both hubby and I had been long craving for any native vegetable dish. There's actually something with the weather why people (or is it just us?) love to eat during rainy days. So we ordered these:
Pork BBQ for the kids
My mom and me ordered the same Combo Dish
Boneless thigh with garlic rice and atchara
Hubby's order: Sisig na Pusit or is it Pusit na Sisig?? 

 As I said earlier, we craved for veggies that time so here they are:
Ensaladang Talong
Crispy Kangkong
Mangga at Bagoong with Onions and Fresh Tomato

As expected, the last dish were just ignored by the kids but they do enjoyed their pork barbeque. While hubby and I feasted on these veggies. Their crispy kang kong was tasteful and I love the way they made their ensaladang talong. Just like some food stores nowadays, you could also enjoy unlimited rice here but only for their combo meals. My mom and I asked for an extra rice (for free) while hubby asked for additional extra garlic rice. I'm not quite sure though if free drinks were included to their combo meals. I just knew hubby ordered coke in cans for our drinks. All the foods on our table were washed out there's no need for take out boxes for left overs lol!

We were so full after that lunch but we still got extra space for desserts at Dairy Queen Ice Cream House.

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