Jul 23, 2011

Discrepancy in EON Visa Debit Card Statement of Account via Online

Eon Visa Debit Card

I'm not sure if it happens only to me or to other EON Visa Debit Card users. But , when I feel like checking my account through online banking especially when I am expecting  to see my salary from my online gig, this would appear on the screen:
Statement of Account

My heart would beat faster when I saw the remaining balance especially when I knew very well that my account have more than that as of the current time. Instead of current transaction, the old transaction details way back 2010 would usually appear and it happened for couple of times now. Even when I logged out and tried it again the same details showed up. It will revert to its normal state after few hours. That made me think if EON Online Banking is still 100% safe for me.

I haven't tried sending ticket to Unionbank regarding this but I will do it soon before anything worse happen to my account.

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