Jul 27, 2011

Red Palace Sea Food Restaurant SM City Taytay: Reviewed

Dining at Red Palace for the second time was much better than the first one. The first time we dined in here was during their opening a year ago (I think) at SM Taytay and of course there are more people who wanted to try their food that time so we had to wait for our turn and it took longer than we expected.

Anyway, back to our current dining experience at Red Palace Seafood Restaurant. We were there around 11:30am and there were only few people dining considering that it is nearing lunch time. The waiter guided us to our table and since we have a two-year old baby, I asked if they have a high chair. The waiter said yes then he came back with one. It was made of wood and has no seat belt or anything that could protect the baby. It looked unsafe and uncomfortable to sit on so I just said never mind. I'll just have my daughter sit on my lap.

Hubby looked at their menu and placed our orders. He said to bring in our drinks later since the kids won't eat their meals the minute they saw those ice tea and soft drinks. And just few minutes, here comes those beverages. Perhaps the waiter didn't got what hubby said so he has to go back and returned where he got them.

Here's what we had:
Yang Chow Fried Rice Php200
Fish Fillet with Seasonal Vegetables Php240
Asado Pork BBQ Php240
2 sets of Siomai Php180 @80each

Beef with Brocolli Php300
Red Palace Birthday Noodles Php240

All of these meals are good for two to three people so the prices are affordable enough. The foods were all tasteful and we didn't regret dining here for the second time. Hubby asked for tea after we ate and they offer this for free. Actually you could ask for it before or after you eat.

We had left over so we decided to take them out. The waiter picked them all and brought inside their kitchen. He returned them in a take out box. One thing I've noticed was it was placed in a single take out box and the food were in separate small plastic bags. I considered it as economical but unsafe because they saved on take out boxes yet placing food in plastics is actually a no-no for me, you know what I mean.

Other than that it was another good dining experience for me and my family.


  1. Heheh! same way with my nephew and brother (when he was still young), they finish off the drinks and then they lose their appetite for the food ^_^ Food looks really good. I love Chinese food.



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