Nov 16, 2011

Jollibee Goes Eco-friendly!

I've been to Ever Ortigas Pasig in the late afternoon to look for some gifts that I could give to my friends this Christmas. It's been a long time since I went inside this mall since SM Taytay is more accessible to me. As usual, I got hungry while doing some window shopping and so I went inside Jollibee to grab some snacks. I was looking at the other counter where in one customer was holding a brown paper bag. I figured out that she had her order for take out and instead of plastic bag, the crew placed her order inside of it. I smiled at myself since the "green" in me strikes again. I was glad that Jollibee had become one of those eco-friendly fast food restaurants after all. Not yet sure though if they are also using eco friendly disposable cutlery. Although upon surfing the net, I found out that it was one of Pasig City's ordinance, the "no to plastic bags" policy. That explains why Jollibee here in Cainta still uses plastic bags. Hopefully, my home town will also soon follow this kind of ordinance in favor of our Mother Earth and for the sake of our future generation.
photo credit from: Diary of a Super Girl


  1. that's nice..sana lang lahat ganyan na, may environment concern.

  2. Good to hear that. go GREEN :)



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