Nov 28, 2011

50 for 50 for CME Facebook Fans

Club Manila East 50 for 50 Ballers

We celebrated my son's 6th birthday at Club Manila East in Taytay last November 03 and again, let me share to you our experience there. When we went to the reception area, their customer service told us about their ongoing promo. Their 50 for 50 for CME Facebook Fans. She explained to us the mechanics and here it is:

1. CME Facebook Fans with CME Privilege Ballers are entitled to 50% off on Entrance Fee.
2. CME Privilege Ballers can be purchased at Club Manila East at Php50 each.
3. CME Privilege Ballers can be used until December 21, 2011.

That was a great deal actually. So we bought their ballers for Php50 and had our entrance fee cut off in half the price. We didn't rent a room that time like we used to do because we intend to be back home in the late afternoon. Here comes my review part:

We rented a cabana instead but boy we were disappointed at how it looked like. It looked untidy with dirty looking walls and floors. There were several mono block chairs we could use and the round table in the middle of the room. We just placed our bags and other things on top of it because their cabinets doesn't look clean too. I even heard my kids say "yuck" and they just stayed on the pool almost the whole afternoon. What's worse was their rest/shower room. It looked like a public toilet actually with their not working shower. You could just use of their faucet and a pail if you intend to take a shower inside the cabana. (Pardon me but I lost interest on taking pictures of the said ugly amenities).

That's the same reason we all just prefer to stay on the pool rather than inside our rented cabana. Our things we're all inside and their door lock don't even looked secure so we had our cellphones, wallets and Digicam with us. When hubby roam around to look for food because it was almost lunch time (bringing in of foods are not allowed at CME), he couldn't find any open food stand like Jollibee, Shakeys, Chowkings and others that we knew were there. We asked one staff and he said they were close during weekdays and if the resort have only few guests. Darn!

So hubby looked for their canteen and asked if they could just bring our food to our cabana. Unfortunately, they don't do that as per the canteen staff. So it's either we eat from there or we bring our foods ourselves to our cabana. Hubby was almost furious that I had to pacify him and convinced him to just relax. So with our ordered foods in several take-out boxes, we went back to our cabana and ate.

This was actually a long over due post and just to warn you all.. never go to Club Manila East on ordinary days because you will starve and you won't enjoy your meal especially with their canteen's tiny serving and pricey meals. The only consolation you could get is that you could have the pools all by yourself just like what happened to us. We had the kiddie pool all by ourselves the whole afternoon and that's what my kids enjoyed, the water!

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