Nov 28, 2011

Review: Savory Classic at SM Taytay

When we went out last Sunday for our family bonding time, we couldn't decide where to eat upon reaching SM Taytay. Hubby suggested that we could eat again at Red Palace Sea Food Restaurant but I declined. I said I want to eat somewhere else for a change. We thought of Max's and Pizza Hut and then I remembered we haven't try Savory yet. So after few hours of strolling, we went to Savory Classic at the ground floor of SM Taytay.

There were few people dining when we arrived and we got our table somewhere in the middle of the restaurant. Some of their crews were on the other table along the side and having their meals too. That was around 5pm so it could be their early dinner or late lunch. Anyway, as soon as I had my 2 year old daughter sat on my lap, the female crew immediately offered their high chair. That's a plus point for them because I hate it how you have to call attendant's attention just to ask for a high chair when it is quite obvious that you need one. It was a metal high chair with strap and a cushion.

We had these foods on our table after about 30 minutes:

Beef Stir Fry with Broccoli (Php225)
Shanghai Rolls (Php175)
Pancit Canton (Php195)
Savory Fried Rice (Php195) *not in the picture

and of course their specialty: Savory Whole Chicken (Php345)

All of those meals are good for two-three people and that was perfect for us since we only have 3 children with us. We ordered three cans of soda and requested it to be served when hubby notify them. If it were served together with the foods, for sure the kids would not mind eating but will finish off those sodas in an instant. Dinnerware were placed on our table with their stainless cutlery still hot from being dipped in hot water.

We didn't like their Savory Rice unlike those of with Red Palace where there are more ingredients on it and with larger servings. Their Pancit Canton tasted just fine and so was their Beef with broccoli though we all loved their Shanghai rolls. Their Savory Chicken of course, tasted superb (it's their specialty anyway)

For cheaper price than dining at Max's or Pizza Hut, I guess we could give this restaurant another visit in the future.


  1. Savory serves good food. I love their chicken and chopsuey.

    Thanks for the visit sis. Hope you visit my other blog too. I am giving away fab items for Christmas. Joining is very easy. Enter now! :)

  2. I am craving for those food but it is so sad because I haven't been here to Savory Classic I want to taste their food it looks very delicious. Thanks for posting this info and I am looking forward to visit this place in any malls in the Philippines.



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