Dec 6, 2011

Starbucks Adheres to their Global Responsibities

I am not a Starbucks coffee lover. I only had tastes of their products when somebody treats me. Although I have lots of friends whose day would never be complete without a sip of it. Last Saturday, I was lucky again to be treated by my college buds at Starbucks Eastwood Libis.

As she placed her orders for the three of us, I looked around their store and I was glad to see and know that Starbucks cares for the environment too. It shows at the kind of furniture, caps and even stirrers they had plus I got to browse their 2012 planner and it says that it was made from recycled paper. As of this writing, I searched for Starbucks' website and they are indeed eco-friendly! They say it’s their commitment to do things that are good to people, each other and the planet. From the way they buy their coffee, to minimizing our environmental impact and to being involved in local communities.

When we had our coffee, I couldn't help but to express how glad I was to see their table napkin which was also made of green resources. So I had to take out my camera and snap a photo of it. My college bud actually said to me that she noticed how "green" I am now compared during our college days. 

How about you, how do you react when you see products/services that are made of green resources?

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